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What is the best way to support Pho Deluxe during this pandemic?

We are very grateful for your support! The best way to support us is by placing an order through this website for pick-up/delivery instead of using Door Dash/Courier Apps. This helps us cut 20%+ commission costs. 

Are you offering curbside pick-up?

At Tysons, please pull close to store-front parking and give us a call when you arrive. 

Do you offer catering?

Yes - click on the order button on our home page to check out party trays available for pickup or delivery.

Call us at 703-992-9375 for custom catering and event services.

What dishes contain peanuts, sesame, soy, and shellfish?

Peanuts - peanut sauce for summer rolls, papaya salads*, vermicelli bowls* 

Sesame - grilled meats (vermicelli & rice platters), stir-fry dishes*, and sesame beef* appetizer

Shellfish - stir-fry dishes*, seafood pho*, Saigon noodles, salt & pepper shrimp/calamari, crispy spring roll, crispy shrimp triangle, papaya salads*

Soy - grilled meats, stir-fry dishes*, veggie spring roll, veggie summer roll*, vegan pho*, fried rice*, stir fried noodles*, veggie crispy rolls on vermicelli, fried tofu on vermicelli, veggie fried rice*


Any dishes with an asterisk can be customized to omit nuts, sesame, shellfish, and soy ingredients. All other listed items cannot be customized. Please keep in mind that due to shared prep stations, all dishes on our menu may contain small traces of nuts, sesame, shellfish, and soy. Please notify us of all allergies.

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